We look forward to support and donations from people who resonate with the spirit of Human unity, equality and social justice; the spirit of AVAG. If you feel moved by the work we do, please extend your support through:

Online Donations

For credit card donations, use the link: In “Select a project”, choose “other” and a empty field will appear. Then type this name or copy & paste

-Auroville Village Action Group -there and then the money will be transferred to our project account. Please send us email when you have completed, so we can follow it up.


If you do not have a credit card and wish to pay by cheque or transfer, please follow the guidelines below:

Payable to: Auroville Unity Fund – Auroville Village Action Group
Postal Address:
Irumbai, Auroville – 605 101
Tamil Nadu, India

Direct Transfers

Donations will be routed through the Auroville Unity Fund. Please specify the project name as Auroville Village Action Group to make sure AVAG receives your contribution.
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Branch Name: Auroville International Township
Branch Code: 03160
Beneficiary Account Name: Auroville Unity Fund
Beneficiary Account Number: 10237876508
¹Donations within India are tax exempted under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Membership & Partnership

The best way to support AVAG is to provide an annual contribution that the organisation can count on.
For just $25 per year, you can become an AVAG Member and help foster the integral growth of a village.
For only $50 per year, you can take your support to the next level by becoming an AVAG Partner.
The titles are largely symbolic but the contribution is tangible. AVAG will never bombard you with junk mail and we won’t fill your email inbox with unwanted spam. However, if you would appreciate regular updates, please join our email list. Thank you for your support!

How We Use Your Funds

By providing a financial contribution to Auroville Village Action Group, you will be expanding the opportunities for individual empowerment of Vanur block villagers.

Donations** will be placed in the Sustainable Village Empowerment (SVE) Fund, a revolving fund corpus that will provide essential loans to villagers. Collected annual interest from the SVE Fund will go to covering AVAG’s management costs, making the organisation less dependent on donors and more financially stable. Thank you kindly for your generosity!

** For citizens located in an Auroville International country, you can check to see if there is a way you can make a tax-exempt contribution by clicking here. Tax-exempt donations can be made by citizens of the USA and UK by following the links. Please remember to specify, “Auroville Village Action Group” as the recipient of the funds.

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