Financial Inclusion

Why is this important?

Financial inclusion is a tool to empower the poorest sections of society with access to affordable credit. This in turn gives them better access to basic education, health services and provides improved opportunities to start independent business ventures so as to achieve financial self-­reliance.

How does it work?

Within the Our network, SHG members can take loans from several places. One of the most important sources of credit comes from internal lending, which is raised from the monthly savings of members of AVAG’s SHGs. For all external loan linkages the approval of the executive committee of the Federation is mandatory.

  • SHG’ members have also access to the revolving funds of the Federation and AVAG and are helped to get loans from the banks.
  • The Men’s and Women’s Federations play a major part in the decision-­making process for loan approval, awarding loan amounts gradually and increasing the members’ repayment reliability.
  • Group members are encouraged to give priority to those in need rather than dividing the borrowed amount into equal shares.
  • Financial inclusion program provides a forum for members to build their social conscience and define their own principles of ethical lending.
  • Annual Lending Report

Impact Numbers


Stories Of Hope

Revathi came to this village with her  husband and was living in a rented house. All of a sudden the landlord asked her to vacate the house.Her husband stopped working and they had 2 children. She tried to get a loan to create a stable source of income from different places but they all wanted it paid back in 1 or 2 instalments. 

 Someone recommended joining an SHG to her. She asked if she can join although she isn’t a native on this area and they said it’s okay. After joining in 6 months she got a small loan and began selling small blouse bits.With the second loan she started to sell sarees. Then she started a shop and developed it.

My husband has a hold in now life since he sits in the shop to help me. He was hanging around aimlessly. Though I am not a native of this area, I was able to succeed thanks to the club. Now my son is doing 3rd year graduation.

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