Economic Development


Villupuram district has the lowest per-capita income of Tamil Nadu, with income just 32% of that in Chennai, which has the highest per-capita income in the state. Villupuram’s HDI score of .587 is the second worst in the state.

The main occupation in the bio region is farming and the harsh climate of the region causes prolonged drought-like conditions along with an increase in dependency on farming inputs like of chemical pesticides and fertilisers has pushed several local inhabitants to abject poverty.

Securing financing is also a major problem as, “access to credit from organized financial institutions is still a distant dream for many small and marginal farmers.” Furthermore, “the rural sector is burdened with high-interest credit provisioning by moneylenders.” We have seen firsthand the role high-interest rates play in stifling development as many beneficiaries have been charged upwards of 30% interest on loans from private financial institutions.

What is Economic Development?

This program aims at financial inclusion and fair practices to increase economic opportunities and to strengthen the livelihood base of the communities program aims at financial inclusion and fair practices to increase economic opportunities and to strengthen the livelihood base of the communities.

How do we intend to achieve this?

Providing access to flexible, need -based, ethical and people-­friendly financial institutions. A loan and repayment scheme provides thousands of people with an opportunity to access financial means.

We support creation of sustainable enterprises, as well as conduct valuable livelihood skills training to women. Trained women are then eligible for employment in various enterprises including our own social enterprises(AVAL),making them not just economically contributing members of the household but also empowering them with financial independence, self-confidence and self-­reliance.


My daughter got good marks in class 12. My husband asked her to stop her education and send her for work. I tried to get loan from friends and family but no one helped. Through the club I came to AVAG because the fees was to be paid the next day. AVAG gave a grant immediately. She is doing her nursing now and my husband does not cover any education cost because he is upset that i disobeyed him. My daughter says that I am suffering without education and if I give her education she’ll take care of me.

- Nagavalli


A permanent revolving fund to financially support the education of girl students of deprived families from rural and poor communities in  Vanur Area.

Financial Inclusion

We are particular about ethical practices in finance and is sensitive to not only the needs of the group members but also to their overall financial well-being. Therefore, we have well defined loan policies that record the purpose of a loan and ensure its timely repayment.

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