Executive Council Meeting – May, 2016

Every day on reaching the AVAG office, I peep into the training-cum-workshop multipurpose room; curious to know what is the day's new activity with residents of the Bio Region of Auroville. On [...]

Flood relief report

AVAG Village Action Group flood relief efforts reached 31 villages and benefited 17,000 people directly and 54,000 indirectly. AVAG works with the most marginalised communities in the Vanur [...]

Paalam Report 2015-2016

Paalam - Auroville and Village Development initiative Paalam, (bridge in Tamil), is a project that was established to impact unity between Auroville and the local villages and improve well [...]

Pongal Celebration at AVAG, 2017

The staff at AVAG celebrated Pongal together with ladies from the AVAL tailoring and crochet unit along with Udhayam Federation leaders this year. Pongal is one of the two main ancient traditions [...]

Psychosocial Service

“I am a member of SHG since 9 years and running a fancy store in my village. I am also a member of the Executive Committee of Udhayam Women’s Federation. I attended a series of de-addiction [...]

Capacity Building

“I joined the SHG 8 years back. Here I feel that we have a lot of support for everything. Five women’s SHGs in my village together celebrate women’s day every year by distributing [...]

Economic Development

“I have been a SHG member for the last 12 years. I have received a lot of knowledge and outside exposure. Whenever I participate in the Women’s Seminar at AVAG, I listen to the information given [...]