We have been a partner in the creation of Women’s and Men’s Federations , an important step in codifying political power in the villagers’ hands while transferring decision making and administrative duties directly to beneficiaries. 

The Federation is an interface between AVAG and the individual SHG member.


Udhayam Federation

A registered body that takes decisions related to all projects for women.Every group elects a leader to be part of a General Body of 288 members.
The General Body elects the Executive Council (EC) that consists of 38 members. 
The Executive Council is a decision making body that speaks for the women as a whole and also voices concerns from particular groups.

The Federation meets twice a month to discuss issues in their respective regions, deliberate on solutions and also keeps a check on the books of all the groups, making sure the accounts are transparent and funds fairly allocated.

Men’s Federation

Owing to the smaller number of men’s groups, the Men’s Federation is not yet a legally registered entity. A representative is elected for every 2 or 3 groups  to be part of the Executive Council. This body meets once a month to discuss men’s development projects like their savings and credit programs. They review and select important proposals for Micro Projects in the villages.

Creating Impact

In Federation meetings several discussions are conducted by AVAG development workers regarding prevalent social issues and an effort is made to bring a positive shift in the mentality of the women. They are encouraged to debate and problem solve, therefore improving their critical observations of the way society functions and the future of their community.

Members of the federation are facilitators of social change – they take efforts to implement government schemes in the villages ,present problems and needs of their villages to different government departments and take initiatives to organise health awareness camps, veterinary camps and inter-village Sports events.

A major function of the Federation is to transfer micro finance loan administration from AVAG to locals. By investing authority and decision making responsibility in their hands, beneficiaries are engaged as active participants employed in the successful outcome of the microfinance program.  This unique microfinance mechanism is likely a major factor in the near perfect rate of SHG loan repayment at AVAG, as villagers become invested participants in the health of the microfinance program

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