History / Genesis

AVAG was formed in 1983 by the International Township of Auroville in South India to extend the vision of Auroville to the neighboring villages and assist in their integral development.

The Journey

Initially, AVAG offered programmes for individuals, men’s groups and a few night schools, but by the late 1980’s AVAG expanded its reach to assist female street vendors with their businesses. From working with women, AVAG realized that lasting improvements could not be made without addressing the symbiotic relationship between socio-economic conditions and the persistent problems of gender inequity. In response to this reality, AVAG formed the first women’s SHGs in the area in 1993, and in the ensuing years the programmes for women have become AVAG’s most successful.

2015 – 16

Auroville’s Contribution

We believe in the power of Human unity to conquer differences in culture, tradition and language to realise a sustainable future for all.

By virtue of being an outreach program of the Auroville Foundation, we are in a unique position to facilitate social, cultural, economical and technical exchange between rural Tamil communities that are steeped in tradition and rich with ancient wisdom on one hand, and a radical, experimental and motivated international township on the other hand.

We believe that the strengths of these combined communities can help overcome the limitations of both groups.

Auroville’s experiments in urban planning, education, land restoration, renewable energy and appropriate technology, ecological work, village development and many other areas provide a positive, supportive context for the sustainability of AVAG’s work