Our strength is our team; a group of dedicated individuals from Auroville and the Bio-region, who contribute their time and expertise to the upliftment of local communities. Listed below is a list of our team members.



3 Trustees from Auroville oversee the running of the organisation and ensure that it operates according to its statutes.


The overall service delivery work of AVAG is managed by Anbu and Moris – a wife and husband team of professional social workers, who have been responsible for AVAG activities and organisational development since 1988.

Developmental Workers

Field work is carried out by a team of 6 development workers who themselves come from Vanur block and are deeply familiar with the ground realities. They describe themselves as:

Social Enterprise

Account department – Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG)

Accounts department – Auroville Village Action Trust (AVAT)

AVAG regularly hosts students, interns and volunteers from India and abroad who assist in all aspects of programme delivery.