The special and unique feature of AVAG’s way of working is that it follows a participatory and integral approach by including men as well as women, Dalits and caste rural communities, both elected and traditional leaders, school children, parents, teachers, the local governance structures, district and state level officials, as well as the elected people’s representatives. This makes it possible for AVAG to provide a comprehensive approach to rural development in the target area.


AVAG envisions the realisation of a future that is equally inclusive of all sections of society, culturally rich, economically and ecologically sustainable.


To collaborate with rural communities to reveal their innate wisdom and ability to collectively determine and manifest their fullest potential.

Women’s Festival 2016


The emphasis at AVAG is neither on charity nor on service, but co-development with residents of the Bioregion to cultivate the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to build a better future for all.

AVAG fosters participatory village transformation through:

  • Community development
  • Economic development
  • Capacity building
  • Psychosocial support

Our need-based, not project-based programs are shaped by input from the communities. Besides leaders and teachers in our working area, leaders of the Women’s and Men’s Federations and socially engaged youth actively shape and influence AVAG’s actions.

Our Programes

Fostering an atmosphere of solidarity and responsibility by engaging beneficiaries in infrastructure projects, social exchanges and government welfare schemes.

Counselling, de-addiction services and health awareness are considered an integral part of development at AVAG.

Activities for economic development aim to promote sound financial practices and strengthen the livelihood base of our communities.

Expanding social awareness while developing skills and leadership qualities needed for individuals to work collectively in society.