Co-evolution and sustainable development with the surrounding villages are crucial factors for Auroville’s quest towards human unity. Any other approach would be incongruent with the values and ideals that Auroville stands for. That is the reason, the foundress of AVAG, Bhavana, created the organisation; to forward Auroville’s journey towards actual human unity by co-creation and co-development with our neighbours.

Our Locations

Number of Panchayat Villages 32
Number of settlements 78

Auroville Village Action Group works in 80 villages and settlements that surround Auroville. We are interconnected on many levels including the crucial elements of land, water, food and security. The surrounding villages also provide a valuable workforce of over 5,000 people and Auroville in-turn helps to sustain their families.

It is imperative, for the future of both communities, that we co-create a sustainable, just and peaceful society for all. Fostering fullest potential in both communities is at the heart of AVAG’s work.