Weaving Neighbourhood Nets

We  believe to achieve Unity and Solidarity, a better understanding of each other’s reality -Which takes shape in greater empathy- and developing a sense of a wide community are crucial. In turn forwarding Auroville’s journey towards actual Human Unity.

Explore and Experience Auroville’s Neighbouring Villages

We organise a series of tailored visits to different neighbouring villages we working in, to learn about the village’s reality and to promote social and cultural exchange between Auroville and the Bioregion. This allows the participants to have direct interaction and learn about the lifestyle and social complexity of the rural communities with a view to develop a greater sense of empathy and solidarity. 


Women’s Solidarity Festival

Every year, women from the Bioregion and from Auroville are invited to share a day together, irrespective of their caste, class or nationality, united in the celebration of the Female Spirit. The Festival brings together more than 5,000 strong women of the Udhayam federation and Auroville and signifies women’s bond and cooperation. The event overcomes every cultural,  caste, class, race,colour and even gender divide, since men too are welcome to celebrate the Spirit of Woman.

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Walk of Hope

We partnered with Restorative Auroville to organise  “Walk of Hope”-  a peace initiative which aims to spread the message of oneness, inclusion and respect and which emphasises that what unifies us as human beings is more fundamental than what separates us. We took the responsibility in mobilising the neighbouring villages to join the event and to host the participants while they walked through their villages.

The walk was led by Sri M, spiritual guide, social activist, educationist and father of the first “Walk of Hope” which covered 7500 km from Kanyakumari to Kashmir in 2015. The itinerary covered 10km from Irumbai Templethrough the neighbouring villages to Aikiyam School in New Creation. Around 700 people participated.

Women’s Day Celebration

We have always encouraged the women from the SHGs to arrange Women’s Day
celebrations in their villages. The groups organise collective festivals which include performances, games, sports and food. Organising events for Women’s Day celebrations in, itself, a means to bring solidarity among women and to sensitise them around the issues they face. In addition, to participate in such performances and games is a big cultural breakthrough as, traditionally, married women are discouraged from being on the stage in public.

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Summer Camp

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A six-week summer initiative for students who have completed tenth and twelfth grades and consists of supplementary education programs and a series of activities and exposure visits for the overall development of the youth.

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