All internship opportunities with Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG) are dependent on the specific skill set of the individual intern. AVAG would ideally like to match each intern to their specific interests but may need to assign positions based on need. Most work is done at the office located within the AVAG campus but field trips can be offered each week for any of the below positions.

Project Writing

This is a position that allows interns to take a comprehensive look at NGO administration and operation.

Duties include background research on social and economic challenges associated with development in India; examining and learning about AVAG’s operating strategies; research on fund generating strategies and potential donor sources; the creation and maintenance of donor outreach materials; and the composition of grant proposal materials. Strong English writing and communication skills are required.

Social Research

Interns will help in the composition of surveys and questionnaires that monitor the impacts of AVAG’s programs on villagers’ social attitudes.

Duties of data entry and assistance with written analysis of survey findings will teach interns about the processes of monitoring and evaluation central to NGO accountability. The Social Research Internship position will require both time spent with field workers in the villages and time spent in the office with AVAG staff.

Educational Materials

AVAG is looking to create educational materials that deal with issues such as gender discrimination, physical and sexual abuse, environmental degradation and global warming awareness, etc.

The Educational Materials Internship is an excellent position for creative individuals with a good capacity for graphic design. Good English writing skills and understanding of education techniques will be utilized in this position.


The Micro-finance Internship will teach participants the specifics of how NGO’s administer and implement micro-finance programs.

Duties include analyzing AVAG’s significant database of information, creating graphics and writing reports. This position will be useful to interns who wish to see how money circulates through a program and how these resources are translated into tangible development strategies.

Activity Writing

For interns with solid English writing skills, the Activity Writing Internship offers a chance to work in the field and see firsthand the benefit of various AVAG programs.

Responsibilities include attending meetings, seminars, micro projects, etc., taking notes and writing activity reports. In this position, interns will gain a deep perspective of the social engagement and outreach activities AVAG offers.


The Media Internship is specifically for individuals with a strong capability for film production. Intern duties would include filming at AVAG campus and in the villages, filming meetings and seminars, and working with filmmakers within Auroville on editing.

Any individuals interested in this position must contact AVAG prior to traveling to Auroville to make arrangements for necessary filming equipment.

Website Management

AVAG will need assistance from interns with demonstrated proficiency with computers to manage new content on our website.

Website interns will also be responsible for responding to requests from donors made through the website. Website Management interns must be prepared to supplement other areas of AVAG’s work if their responsibilities prove not to be a full-time endeavor.

Social Enterprise

Interns interested in socially responsible business are needed to help support social enterprise development programs. Duties will include background research and help with the drafting of business plans.

This position is dependent on whether AVAG is engaged in any social enterprise activities during the time period of the internship. The Social Enterprise Internship is a great way for business students to experience the process of creating a business plan and to practice ethical entrepreneurship.

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