To volunteer at AVAG, our only prerequisites are that you speak English and/or Tamil and can commit for a minimum of three months (unless a specific, shorter project is agreed upon ahead of time). For a list of current volunteer opportunities please visit us on Idealist.org.

There are four general positions that AVAG seeks to fill through volunteers. These positions can be fluid and it is best when volunteers collaborate with each other to complete tasks. Picture taking, organising office information, responding to emails, etc. are all functions that volunteers are encouraged to participate in, regardless of their position.

Fundraising and Outreach

Write project proposals; compile outreach materials; disseminate newsletter; update AVAG’s social networking profiles; develop fundraising and outreach events; take pictures; expand the base of invested stakeholders through outreach initiatives.

EcoLife and Social Enterprise Development

EcoLife: Review data and compile business analysis; network with vendors and diversify product list; create materials and market EcoLife to expand customer base.
SED: Attend SED meetings and conduct follow through; conduct research and create feasibility study; network with interested parties and find local entrepreneurs; create business plan and other organisational documents; help the business get off the ground!

Monitoring and Evaluation

Attend functions in the field and take pictures; write activity reports; create questions for surveys; help staff conduct surveys and process data; analyse data once it has been compiled; write survey report and disseminate online or by other means.

Micro Finance

Conduct review of Micro Finance programme; document savings and loan procedures for internal and outreach purposes; network with banks and apply for loans for AVAG or Udhayam Micro Finance corpuses.

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