Eco-Life Store

EcoLife is a social enterprise that gives access to and sells healthy, low-cost and eco-friendly products within our target area. It promotes eco-conscious products that are conventionally unavailable in grocery stores of rural Tamil Nadu.


The EcoLife Store is located on AVAG premises and provides access to affordable eco-friendly technologies suitable for rural communities. The store began in 2009 after SHG members expressed interest in experimenting with earth-friendly products.

EcoLife still continues to expand its selection, now offering spirulina supplements, energy powder, CFL bulbs, activated EM, low-cost water filters, solar torches, solar lights, crank lights, solar mobile phone chargers and rocket stoves.

Eco-Life Store 2015

The EcoLife store also generates sales through a stall in the Auroville Saturday Market during the winter months as well as other fairs and exhibitions in Auroville. When the localicious fairs begin again in the Youth Center, EcoLife will also be present there.