Paalam, ‘bridge’ in Tamil, is a project that was established to impact unity between Auroville and the local villages and improve well-being in the villages.


Youth (men and women) from 18 villages and settlements, immediately around Auroville, were selected by AVAG self-help group members who were asked to nominate two non-political, socially active youth to represent their village on the Paalam.

Since its inception, on the 29th of November 2015 in Unity Pavilion, Paalam is firmly established as a communications and action network between

Paalam Meeting 2015

  1. Village youth from 18 villages and settlements
  2. Auroville Village Action Group
  3. Youthlink members.
    We have since come together for:

    • 4 training sessions (2 more are pending),
    • an exposure trip to examine best practices in village development,
    • combine flood relief work in Jan 2016
    • the implementation of the Bio regional Sports event in June 2016

Accomplishments and way forward

  • Paalam members have also identified the areas of priority in relation to their villages and the themes for village micro projects which Paalam would like to start initiating once this training period is completed in September 2016.
  • It is envisaged that this next micro project implementation phase will combine the energy and creativity of youth, expertise from Auroville/elsewhere and funds from government schemes under the supervision of Auroville Village Action Group who will also liaise with local panchayat and local government as needed to develop projects in the areas of:
    1. Sanitation
    2. Water and soil conservation
    3. Waste management
    4. Security, especially women’s
    5. Alcoholism and
    6. Sports development