Women’s Power Project

As AVAG’s most successful endeavour, the Women’s Power program has been working to address issues of gender inequity in the target areas since 1996.


WPP uplifts the position of local women by providing the requisite tool set to fight multiple layers of oppression that hinder their empowerment. Most women access WPP through SHGs, although some programs reach many women not directly affiliated with AVAG.

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In contrast to how most SHG organizations function around the world, AVAG strives to offer programs beyond microfinance. Efforts toward community development, capacity building and psychosocial services go a long way in empowering groups by making them increasingly self-sufficient.

In a strongly patriarchal society such as here, these efforts are particularly required and effective among women’s groups since they provide an opportunity for them to step up to positions of authority where they can exercise their sense of responsibility and independence.