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Rural Tamil Nadu is largely a patriarchal society where women are expected to cede authority to men on household issues, raising children, spending money and even deciding the clothes they wear. The lack of women’s power in decision making is mainly due to their economic dependence on men, as they are often deprived of access to education, economic capital or skills needed to be financially self-sustainable.


According to the Global Gender Gap Index Report 2017, which measures the gap between women’s and men’s access to resources and opportunities, India ranks 108 out of 144 countries, with a particular worrying score in the field of Economic participation and Opportunity (139 out of 144). This suggests a wide scope for improving opportunities for women in the economic sector.

What are the Project Objectives?

To increase the participants self-esteem, self-confidence and sense of security. 

To contribute to rural women’s economic independence.

To change the participation of the women in decision-making at the household level .

To foster social inclusion of the most discriminated women – to promote positive role models.

To change men’s attitudes towards women’s position and role within the household and in the society.

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What is the Approach?

WE aim to bring skills training and income-generating opportunities for women, with the hope that economic empowerment can potentially change the power dynamics for women within the household as well as in their communities, leading to an increase in women’s self-confidence, bargaining power and status in the society and reduced gender-based violence.

Project Details

26 women will gain a skilled level of tailoring or crochet – the number of women benefited will be monitored comparing the number of women enrolled for the training, period during which they were enrolled and number of women who actually graduated – women’s performance and skills gained during the training will be assessed through reports from the Training co-ordinator. The master tailor will oversee the training and carry out a pre and post training skills level assessment.

What kind of support do we provide?​

The women who wish to set up their own businesses will be guided through the process by AVAG’ s staff and provide opportunities to the women to grow and prosper in the textile industry and help them meet global designs and quality standards . In order to continue the revenue stream, AVAG will also provide the women with the platform to sell their products by partnering with local markets and retail partners.

What are the expected outcomes?

The capacity building for these women would  include upskilling,and develop competency in leadership, conflict resolution, accounting and in other managerial tasks.This will provide them the necessary tools   to venture out to become trainer, start their own enterprise as social entrepreneurs or earn revenue by selling their products.

Women will be made aware that, as women, they have common issues to overcome and will be encouraged to collectively challenge oppression and inequality – The participants will be more aware of gender inequality and of women’s and other discriminated sections of the society’s rights .

Men of the SHG will be more aware of the issues and discrimination women face, domestic violence and the unjust labour division. Men’s support is an essential part of the hoped change in attitude.

Village Women Empowered


In the beginning the women were not able to speak on stages. Now so many come up voluntarily and speak. Increased the strength of the women to communicate their thoughts to others. The male dominance in society has slowly reduced. Initially the men played the main role, but now women are becoming vital.Now women are able to handle money so they are more independent. It is a great change in the family structure.

– Savariamal

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