Summer Camp


The program aims to give them access to a curriculum that is severely lacking in their schools and to expose them to a varied range of topics and experiences that are beyond the academic system, in order to motivate them on the manifold avenues open to them in the wide world.

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Local government schools in the Vanur block of Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu, are largely underfunded. They often lack basic facilities such as clean drinking water, adequate sanitation and infrastructure, as well as educational materials and sports facilities, and are in need of curriculum enhancement. This results in poor quality education for the students and lack of life skills for their future.

Project Details

 Summer camp is a six-week summer initiative for students who have completed tenth and twelfth grades and consists of supplementa camp lessons are split up into two categories. 

The first one focuses on skill enhancement and covers English, computer, Tamil and reading and writing lessons. 

The second part focuses on social competence and includes a wide range of classes and workshops: Drawing, painting, menstrual hygiene management, gender sensitisation, child sexual abuse, caste issues, media analysis, environmental issues, recycling, tree planting, raising a kitchen garden and organic farming, nutrition, yoga, healing, medicinal value of the plants, classical Tamil drama and dance.


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The moment my mother informed me of the summer camp I wanted to join because She told me I would be taught computers and dance here. I love both very much and didn’t get the chance to learn computers before. I had some issues because my father didn’t want me to come so I fought with my family and refused to eat. Everyone here is affectionate warm concerned, this I have never experienced at home


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