A relationship that is not only cordial but friendly with the inhabitants of the neighbouring village is absolutely indispensable. For the realization of Auroville the first step is to establish a true human fraternity, any shortcoming in this regard is a grave mistake which can compromise the whole work. 

Who We Are


Founded in 1983, Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG) is a unit under Auroville Village Action Trust (AVAT) committed to grass roots and integrated community building with the villages surrounding Auroville. It is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that works to promote integrated development in rural communities in Vanur Block, Tamil Nadu, South India.


To reveal the innate wisdom and manifest the full potential of rural communities through collaborative efforts .


To attain a society that is inclusive, culturally rich, fair and sustainable.

Our aim is to break the Social structure that is plagued with evils of a rigid caste system and gender biases hinders the development of these villages into self-reliant communities 

We have been working for the past 35 years in the Vanur Block of the Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu,  implementing projects aimed at empowering rural communities to lead their own development, with a special focus on women’s and other underprivileged groups’ empowerment.


People who live in harsh social and economic conditions. The rapidly urbanising population of India speaks volumes about the poor condition of the villages, where the lack of employment, education and decline in traditional livelihoods such as agriculture have made people vulnerable to poverty, exploitation and displacement.

OUR emphasis is on co-development and, therefore, work directly in close connection with the community groups, designing solutions based on a deep understanding of the needs of the communities.A particularity of our organisation is our approach to rural development by which all programmes, including economic projects, are accompanied by awareness raising workshops, particularly on issues such as caste and discrimination, which hinder the realisation of development and empowerment.

AVAG acts as an outreach wing for Auroville – a pioneering social experiment that aims to realise human unity and build a better future for all. By virtue of being under the umbrella of Auroville Foundation, we are in a unique position to facilitate social, cultural, economical and technical exchange between Rural Tamil communities that are steeped in tradition and rich with ancient wisdom on one hand, and a radical, experimental and motivated international township on the other hand. We believe that the strengths of these combined communities can help overcome the limitations of both groups and progress towards the development of the bioregion.


Our Journey

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