Our emphasis is not charity or service, but co-development with villagers to cultivate their Knowledge, Skills and Confidence 

The Common Goal of our initiatives are that  Village Communities along with  Auroville Co-create and execute developmental plans for the entire bioregion. In order to do this each village has to organise and develop its own Village Council,Self Help Group, Federation and other Collaborations that represents not just the Male Clan leaders, but the interests of Women, Children and Dalits as well.


Our main vehicle for Social Development Work is through an extensive network of Self Help Groups for Women and Men in the rural communities that work towards the socio-economic development of individuals and community at large.


We have been a partner in the creation of Women’s and Men’s Federations, an important step in codifying political power in the villagers’ hands while transferring decision-making and administrative duties directly to beneficiaries.


A collaborative effort amongst AVAG, Auroville Sports Resource Centre (AVSRC), Dehashakti and Paalam for a concentrated development of Sports in the bio-region as a platform to foster unity . It is also hoped that this project can be a bridge to creating career opportunities for local youth in sports with linkages to scholarships and sports colleges.


We bring together youth from neighbouring villages and Auroville to strategize and implement Community centric projects. It also acts as a bridge between Auroville and the Villagers.

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