Despite the fast economic growth that India has experienced in recent years, the country is still lagging behind in its efforts to bring gender equality. Women, particularly from rural areas, continue to occupy an underprivileged position in every dimension of life, whether it is social, economic or political.They bear the burden of poverty, lack of access to basic education and skills and are often victims of domestic violence, psychological abuse and social denigration

In addition, the social normative of caste biases is strong in the day to day interactions of a village setting. Indeed, the centuries old rigid caste system divides the community and those belonging to the lower caste are forced to live in a separate colony in the village. They are still looked down upon by the upper castes and are denied certain rights such as worshipping in the main village temple, or even walking  its streets. Women Dalit face the worst discrimination as they face the double burden of caste and gender.

Programs at AVAg

Our Key Projects are aimed to contribute towards harmony between women from different castes by developing cross-community interaction at the workplace, fostering social inclusion of the most disadvantaged women.The programs are targeted towards participation of women so as to increase their self-esteem, self confidence and overall sense of security. Through these initiatives, we hope that the women impacted are able to change the dynamics of their households and are equal participants in decision-making process.

Exchange Program

A very unique activity that seeks to break communication barriers between different societal groups and facilitate positive interaction between women of different castes.

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Rural Women Empowerment Program

The program is aimed to engage women from rural and disadvantaged families in income generating programs thereby contributing  to the social and economic empowerment and agency of underprivileged rural women

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Financial Inclusion Program

To empower the poorest sections of society with access to affordable credit and as result having better access to basic education, health services and improved opportunities to start independent business ventures.

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To initiate a permanent revolving fund to financially support the education of Girl students of deprived families from rural and poor communities.

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