Exposure & Educational Trips

Exposure and Educational Trips allow our members to have enriching experiences of other parts of the Bio-region and to expand their horizons.


  • Exposure trips are designed keeping in mind the needs of the groups. Being exposed to different activities and new places is important for the groups to feel inspired to build a better future for themselves.
  • These trips also introduce them to other groups of people who live in similar conditions and face similar issues. This helps to develop a more holistic view of the Bio-region which in turn leads to improved problem solving.

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Trips conducted by AVAG

In 2014-15, we took people on various trips to Auroville Botanical Garden to learn about vermi compost, herbal gardening and global warming. Auroville Botanical Garden worked with AVAG staff members to teach them how to plant kitchen gardens. We took this information and generously donated seed packets to more than 200 SHG members who planted home gardens this year. Village members were impressed with the results and saw many vegetable types for the first time.

Women of five SHGs visited Handicrafts Exhibition organized by the Corporation for the Development of Women in Chennai. Here the women were exposed to and inspired by art crafted by local women from around the state.

AVAG arranged a trip to Mahapalipuram for the elected leaders, the Panchayat, and the leaders of the federations of women and men to visit a successfully run solid waste management unit and in future this activity will be implemented in selected village panchayats.
For further exposure, executive council members of the federation organized trips for SHGs to visit important places in Pondicherry and men from SHGs were taken on exploration trips in the bioregion to get an idea of what the bioregion looks like.


In 2014-2015, AVAG has facilitated 27 exposure trips with a total of 464 beneficiaries and in 2015-2016 …