Meeting regularly helps groups to foster a sense of community. The members get to know each other personally and form deep bonds that are more resilient than financial ties can be.

Types of meetings

SHG level meetings: These are conducted fortnightly and all members of the group are required to attend. During these meetings, the group discusses their internal loan affairs and audits. Regular meetings help to maintain transparency. Members also share personal issues if they are facing any and seek support from fellow members.

revolving funds body

Strengthening meetings: These meetings support new SHGs that need assistance with their activities. They also help existing SHGs to resolve internal problems and improve their performance. Members spend the day discussing the importance of unity and cooperation through interactive games and discussions facilitated by the AVAG staff. Discussions centre on common issues and give clarity to the guidelines of the clubs. These meetings create a space for members to interact, share ideas and foster solidarity.

Cluster level meeting: All groups from one geographical area meet once a month. Each group is represented by 5 of its members. They check each other’s performance, discuss issues in their villages and possible solutions for the same.-
Federation general body meeting: These meetings are conducted every ____1 member from each club in federation

Executive Council meeting: EC members meet twice a month to overlook the performance of the Federation. They confirm the fair and equal distribution of funds and keep a check on financial reports. They also organise meetings to plan events such as the Women’s solidarity festival. They are a medium for AVAG to convey messages to individual groups and for Federation members to convey their problems and feedback to AVAG.

Meetings of subcommittees: Different subcommittees are made for loan sanctioning, conflict resolution, PR etc.


    This year, we held 52 strengthening meetings with a total of 942 participants.