AVAG focusses on training to enhance the capabilities of the federation so that its leaders can take on more responsibilities in managing the programs for women.

    1. Federation Training
      Office bearers and members of our Udhayam Women Federation are regularly trained, particularly the executive committee, to ensure that community development methods are continuously ameliorated. Federation members participate in mixed-gender exposure trips and workshops that cover subjects such as leadership, caste, domestic violence, environmental awareness and gender. Trainings have also been conducted in somatic experiencing, adding a psychosocial element to the program. These activities build leadership skills while strengthening the overall function of SHGs.
    2. Trainings for Animators and Representatives
      Each SHG has three elected leadership positions, one animator and two representatives, that rotate every two years. Trainings that expose these individuals to social issues and educational programs increase their leadership capacities. This year, we conducted 13 of these meetings for the leaders of new SHGs formed so they can have clarity on the guidelines for the functioning of the SHGs. There were a total of 688 participants.
    3. Workshops
      Workshops are conducted for special topics like gender sensitisation, social analysis, leadership, health and hygiene and implementation of government schemes.
      The women of our crochet and tailoring units had the opportunity to participate in the Stewardship for New Emergence leadership training during May and June 2016. This training gave them value-based learning in action tools that has helped them to develop their own leadership and capacity. It continues with weekly practice sessions with facilitators at AVAG

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    • AVAG arranged a trip to Mahapalipuram for the elected leaders, the Panchayat, and the leaders of the federations of women and men to visit a successfully run solid waste management unit and in future this activity will be implemented in selected village panchayats.


Within the past year, AVAG has facilitated 27 exposure trips with a total of 464 beneficiaries.

This year, we held 52 strengthening meetings with a total of 942 participants.


          • “Through our network of meetings, seminars, and workshops, we are able to pass along important messages and concepts to SHG members that bring significant change. This also helps us further understand the everyday problems faced by women in rural Tamil Nadu.”


        • -Govaindammal, Rayapudupakkam, 9.5 years with AVAG as a Development Worker