Emergency Response

AVAG has seen that the true value of community comes forward most in times of emergency. AVAG helps organise residents to combine their efforts and respond to emergencies as a community.


  • AVAG works closely with the villages in Villipuram district all year round. Therefore, the development workers at AVAG have a keen and sensitive understanding of the prevalent socio-cultural-economic conditions.
  • This sensitivity, along with our physical proximity with the villages and extensive network of community through the Udhayam Women’s Federation, Men’s Federation, Paalam and other initiatives puts us at an efficient position of organising relief work in times of Emergency.
  • AVAG has been quick to respond in the face of natural disasters such as Tsunami, floods. We also offer assistance, such as the House Repair Scheme, to individual families when they find themselves in unexpected, unfortunate conditions.

Emergency Response – Disaster Management Training

Participatory work

Here too, the AVAG approach is participatory. We strive to involve the residents of the villages in every step of organising relief work. This not only gives them a sense of empowerment but also improves the quality of aid given with direct feedback and information from the affected regions.

Flood relief, 2016

AVAG works with the most marginalised communities in the Vanur Block of Tamil Nadu, India. When the monsoon rain hit heavily in December 2015 leaving unusually high levels of flooding and much hardship for people, flood relief assistance was a natural step for AVAG.

The government announced the four districts of Chennai, Kanchipuram, Thiruvallur, Cuddalore to be the critical areas. Thus relief effort from government and NGOs went there. However, people in Villipuram district, especially in dalit areas, were badly affected and did not receive much assistance.

Amongst our initiatives were:

  • Mosquito control
  • Water purification
  • Water borne disease prevention
  • Food and clothing
  • Health

For more information on this effort : link to flood relief report


AVAG Village Action Group flood relief efforts reached 31 villages and benefited 17,000 people directly and 54,000 indirectly.

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