Service and Awareness Camps

AVAG works with SHGs to facilitate camps that aim to improve the health of the local people and raise public awareness of social issues.


Coordinating with relevant organizations such as hospitals, NGOs and government departments, AVAG helps members hold camps in their villages on topics such as eye care, veterinary services,menstrual hygiene and health awareness.

Service and Awareness Camp 2015


  • Camps are usually organised by the SHGs with the support from the leaders and AVAG to improve access to healthcare services for the poorest members of the community.
  • These activities help SHGs gain recognition from their families and communities while fostering team spirit among the clubs.
  • It is a great chance for the different groups in a village to work together and show their skills and strength in organising programs.


In 2014-15, AVAG held 5 such camps, with 947 participants.