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AVAG strives to be a platform that brings together all sections of society; irrespective of caste, class, race, gender and nationality,
with a shared dream of a sustainable future for all. The primary pillar of our organisation is an unshaken belief in Human Unity.

Our programmes

Fostering an atmosphere of solidarity and responsibility by engaging beneficiaries in infrastructure projects, social exchanges and government welfare schemes.

Activities for economic development aim to promote sound financial practices and strengthen the livelihood base of our communities.

Expanding social awareness while developing skills and leadership qualities needed for individuals to work collectively in society.

Counselling, de-addiction services and health awareness are considered an integral part of development at AVAG.

Interview with Anbu, Director of Auroville Village Action Group

Contribute to AVAG

Expand the opportunities for individual empowerment of Vanur block villagers.

Join our international team that has come to dedicate time, energy, and expertise toward enhancing the lives of communities surrounding Auroville.

Support our social enterprises by purchasing from our line of beautiful products made by rural women.


  • I was struggling to pay the school fee of my elder daughter, and receiving an AVAG-AVVAI loan meant that I did not take her out of school against her wish, because thanks to Auroville Village Action Group, I was able to pay.

  • I am working as a gardener and my husband is a farmer. We have two daughters, one studying nursing and the other in class twelve. Before I had heard about AVVAI, I thought about getting money from money lenders at a 60% interest rate per year.

    Padma from Manipura SHG, Aravindapuram
    Padma from Manipura SHG, Aravindapuram
  • We could see the excellent talents within all women. Especially this debate was wonderful. It looked like that this is happening in a big auditorium. This is totally new to all of us.

    Rajam, School Teacher
    Rajam, School Teacher

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