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Capacity Building

This program aims to nurture each individual’s capacity for self empowerment and social change through integral education. It plays a pivotal  role in building social harmony and solidarity in our working area. We receive a wide range of participants such as women, youths, men, elected and traditional leaders, teachers, children, guests and newcomers of Auroville and students from different universities.

"The Impacts - Ability to implement unique programs like the exchange and pandemic response initiatives with the active participation of the communities."

What we do

Depending on the need and the relevance, we offer training to various groups in different areas like


Personality development

Communication, leadership training, problem-solving, team building etc.



Drawing, painting, drama, traditional dance forms, paper craft, story telling, creative writing etc.



Athletics, kabaddi, volleyball etc and supporting to participate events at the block and district levels.


Legal rights

Prevention of Women from Sexual Harassment at work place. Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012, Domestic Violence Act, panchayat Raj Act, Human Rights etc.


Social issues

Social issues such as women’s health, menstrual hygiene management, gender sensitization, caste analysis, child protection etc.



Training to millet farmers to enhance their knowledge, technological support, and promotion of farmers associations and assistance to get higher rates for their crops through market linkages. Teach to prepare millet-based food and snacks.

Eye Camp


On alternative medicines like Siddha, Ayurveda medicine, and Yoga. Train people to cope with stress and trauma.


Emergency Response

Leaders of the women's groups, youth, and the selected volunteers in our working area are regularly trained by the district disaster management department to manage: flood, fire, cyclone, and other emergencies.



Our environmental projects encompass education about water, climate change, waste management, home gardening, and tree planting.


Depending on the need expressed by the communities, we offer participatory training, seminars, workshops, and educational sessions to different sections of the communities. While we aim to bring both, women and men under the same roof for training, we also respect the sensitivity of the topics that we are covering and offer safe spaces for all individuals.