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Psychosocial support

This program aims to provide mental and emotional support to enhance the wellbeing of individuals. The mission of our psychosocial support program is to help instill coping mechanisms for stress and traumatic experiences in the people.

  • Collaborate with therapists to offer training in healing techniques such as somatic experiencing, energy healing, laughter yoga and art therapy.
  • Offer individual sessions to highly traumatized individuals and their families.
  • Link up with rehabilitation centers and short stay homes in the region to help the people in need of daily assistance.
  • Nurture an atmosphere of mutual support and assistance to each other.
  • Train staff in counseling and healing techniques to better support those affected.
  • Offer continuous support to rehabilitated families.

Since we are privileged to be a part of Auroville, we get support from highly skilled national and international healers. They train our staff and the interested leaders of the federation and SHGs.

The Impact - Due to our intervention, the suicide rate of women came down from 8-10 in 2010-2011 to 0-2 annually.

Psychosocial Support


Deaddiction and Rehabilitation

Alcohol abuse is a root cause for many social evils like unemployment, violence, women abuse and unrest within the family. Alcoholism is rampant in our area, and AVAG organizes awareness programs that creates space for Alcoholic Anonymous and Al Anon sessions, and links people to rehabilitation centres and other care.


Somatic Experiencing

This therapy is geared towards helping people find healing from trauma. It is a body centered approach to treating post-traumatic stress disorder. Our staff and various groups working with us are trained in Somatic Experiencing.


Energy Healing

Groups are trained in this holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks.


Art Therapy

In collaboration with Sankalpa, a unit in Auroville, sessions in art therapy are organized for women and children.


Laughter Yoga

Sessions are organized with the support of the therapists in Auroville and outside to release stress and trauma.