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Economic Development

This program aims at financial inclusion and fair practices to increase economic opportunities and to strengthen the livelihood base of the communities.

What we do

This program focuses on need-based and participatory economic growth through the development of marginalized groups and insists on inclusive practices. This involves:

  • Supporting  to adopt democratic and fair processes in all economic activities through training in ethical lending, financial literacy and the creation of livelihood and enterprise initiatives.
  • Assisting   the  Udhayam Women’s Federation in planning, monitoring, and executing economic development activities.
  • Creating sustainable economic models for the benefit of the communities, particularly the most disadvantaged.
  • Educating on various schemes offered by banks and the government and linking the beneficiaries to avail such schemes.

Financial Inclusion

This program aims at creating participatory and financially inclusive communities through savings and access to loans from internal and external sources.

It nurtures credit and savings among the members and links people with the  nationalised banks and other ethical  financial institutions. An affordable and easily accessible loan and flexible repayment scheme provides thousands of people with an opportunity to access financial means.

Enterprise Development

This program aims to offer skill training  and resources to start and sustain business and livelihood activities. We support and encourage rural enterprises and provide sustainable livelihood opportunities to the villages  in the bioregion of Auroville, utilizing the strengths, innovation, and expertise of Auroville, government, and non-governmental organizations. Women and men have been trained in beauty care, tailoring, crocheting, mobile phone repair work, driving, making paper products and earth blocks etc. to be self-employed, set up individual or group enterprises, or upgrade their skill set to be employable. We support a social enterprise called AVAL, which makes accessories and garments for women and men, as well as crocheted products.

Enterprise Dev

Housing to the Marginalized

This activity aims to assist the marginalised families to access finance to build and repair their houses. They are linked to the resources and schemes available with the government, nationalised banks and the federation.


With the financial support of a friend in Auroville, we assisted the neediest in the communities, particularly the aged, physically challenged and single women to build or repair their houses.

Linkage with the government

Though there are different schemes available with the government and banks, people have difficulty accessing them. To help the people overcome this hurdle, we link them with the relevant schemes and the department.


Life Insurance

Women Self Help Groups members are the beneficiaries of this activity. The Udhayam Women’s Federation has a life insurance scheme for its members with each member contributing Rs.200 annually which gives the death coverage of Rs. 55, 000.


Scholarship for Higher Education

With the grant support of World Dignity.Inc., we financially support 12-15 students per year for their higher education, mostly girls from the most deprived families. The students are recommended by the Federation and the women’s groups and are approved by the organisation. This scheme supports the daughters and sons of the widows, deserted women, and other poor families so that they can complete college. We get increasing applications each year from these families.


The revolving fund was created with a grant from Motherson Sumi Systems Limited (MSSL) and executed in collaboration with the Udhyam Women Federation. AVVAI is a permanent revolving fund to financially support the education of girl students from rural and poor communities in the Vanur area. A percentage of the interest supports the administration, execution and activities carried out for the empowerment of the girls, including the annual AVVAI Summer Camp held at the AVAG office.