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Our Unity and Solidarity transform lives.

Transformed lives build societies that are:
  • Inclusive
  • Culturally Rich
  • Fair
  • Sustainable
  • Inclusive



Settlements Impacted


People touched


School children touched in 5 years


Families impacted during the pandemic


Students supported for education in 5 years


Rupees lending support in 5 years


Women in Empowerment initiatives


Families in wellness programs / year


Founded in 1983, Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG) is a unit under Auroville Village Action Trust (AVAT) committed to grassroots and holistic community building in the bio-region of Auroville. We exist as a non-governmental organization promoting integrated development in the Vanur Block of Villupuram District in Tamil Nadu, India.


To attain a society that is inclusive, culturally rich, fair and sustainable and to reveal the innate wisdom and manifest the full potential of rural communities through collaborative efforts.

The emphasis is not on charity or service, but co-development, and to foster holistic development through solidarity and cooperation within the communities. In our inclusive community-building mission, we work with all sections of society irrespective of class, caste, gender, and religion.



Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise Human Unity.
The Mother, Founder of Auroville

Area of Intervention

We address these thematic areas through the  network of various community based organizations like the Udhayam Women Federation, women and men’s groups, PAALAM youth network, ABSCA, and the leaders, Farmer Producer Groups and the teachers in the communities.

AVAG has made significant strides in empowering marginalized communities, particularly women, in our region. As a local resident, I am deeply moved by the organization's unwavering dedication to equity and social justice. AVAG's approach prioritizes community engagement, and they consistently listen to the voices of the people, responding to their needs with empathy and understanding. Witnessing the positive impact of AVAG's work on the community has been a personal source of inspiration for me, and I make it a point to attend all of their events to recharge my own energy.

- Seenu Venugopal, Best teacher awardee and a long-term associate of Auroville and AVAG.

Whenever I have an opportunity to meet large groups of women members of AVAG’s Self-help groups, I feel real joy in their collective joy and fervor. Here are women who, more often than not, are facing lots of difficulties in their lives, being usually the most responsible member of their families, and yet they are so fresh, so quick at laughing, always immaculately dressed, a marvel to look at really. One would like to be able to do so much to help them.

- Alain Bernard, long-term Aurovillian and an Executive of AVAG

I greatly appreciate the work of AVAG in its campaign to fight the spread of the pandemic. This organisation collaborated effectively with the villages and different government departments to support around 20 000 families in the Vanur block of Villupuram district through education, and supply of hygiene materials, and immune boosters. Food essentials were also supplied to the migrant workers, the most marginalised, and vulnerable, and people affected by the pandemic.

- Dr. Jayaprakash, Block Medical Officer, Vanur block.

As a proud member of Udhayam Women's Federation, I want to express my gratitude to AVAG for its remarkable AVVAI revolving fund scheme, which has been a consistent source of support for the education of girls in our area. This project is more flexible in meeting the needs of individuals and providing timely support. This project has been particularly helpful during the pandemic when many faced financial difficulties in repaying loans, thanks to its empathetic approach. The AVVAI project truly reflects the human touch that is needed in community development efforts, and we are honored to have it as a valuable resource for our community.

- Jeyanthi, A member of Udhaym Women's Federation

Our Core Motivations

In response to the complex set of conditions that results in gender inequity, poverty and limited access to resources for development, we have designed a multifaceted development program to reveal the innate wisdom and manifest the full potential of rural communities through collaborative efforts.

Our Core Motivations are in line with  the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the UN and the development goals of India:

No Poverty
Financial Inclusion Support to livelihood and business initiatives Training in business development
Zero Hunger
Millet for All project to support millet growers Promoting millet based food and snacks Advocacy for the sustainable use of millets Home Garden Projects Distribution of food essentials to the marginalised during emergencies like the pandemic and floods.
Good health & Well Being
Auroville Bioregional Sports and Cultural Association (ABSCA ) Kabbadi for Change and sports events Health camps and health education De-Addiction programs Alternative treatments - homeopathy, siddha, Ayurveda Yoga and laughter yoga Counselling and healing
Quality Education
AVVAI - A sustainable financial model for the education of schoolgirls Exposure Trips Continuous trainings through workshops, seminars and meetings Summer camp Collaboration with the government schools to improve the infrastructure and curriculum.
Gender Equality
Gender equality workshops for men, women and children. Gender Sensitization of the communities Women Power Project Women’s Solidarity Festival
Clean Water & Sanitation
Installing hand pumps and bore wells Collaboration with other units in Auroville to set up community water purifiers.
Affordable & Clean Energy
Collaboration with the government to promote smokeless stoves and biogas. Ecolife Store - Access to eco-friendly products
Industry, Motivation & Infrastructure
Micro Projects and Work Camps for the communities benefit Support to business initiatives in the bioregion. AVAL, an ethical and social enterprise
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Linkage with nationalised banks and government to build and improve housing conditions Exposure to low cost and innovative housing solutions. Access to finance to build and improve housing.
Climate Action
Tsunami relief and rehabilitation Flood relief initiatives Pandemic response works Collaboration with the government in disaster management
Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
Udhayam Women’s Federation supporting around 300 women’s groups Paalam Youth Program in the bioregion of Auroville Working with elected, traditional, youth and women leaders Exchange Program for inclusive development
Partnerships for the Goals
Auroville partnerships Partnerships with other development-focused government and non-governmental organizations

Latest Updates

Several married women expressed a desire to learn volleyball and compete against other teams. We listened to their request and, leveraging our existing resources, launched a coaching program. Currently, a core group of roughly 12 women consistently attend training. The initial weeks were about establishing a foundation.

We collaborate with communities to bring about social change and promote mutual assistance. In the last three months, we have linked 182 women from 17 women’s groups with the nationalised bank to get loans worth around Rs.11.1 million.