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Flour Power: Women Rise Through Baking Collaboration

The aroma of freshly baked cakes and the joyous chatter of women learning new skills filled the air at AVAG recently. Over three days, 70 local women from nearby villages participated in an intensive training program in making millet-based cakes and cookies, organized by Gelato Factory in collaboration with AVAG (Auroville Village Action Group), Gastronomica, and COWE (Centre of Women Entrepreneurship).


Where Sarees Soar: Breaking Barriers and Claiming Victories in Auroville's Bioregion

A unique race unfolds in Auroville's bioregion. Forget stopwatches and podiums; these victories are measured in triumphant smiles, forged on dusty tracks and etched in defiance against age and societal norms. This is the story of our women's sports community, where victory transcends trophies and medals.

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Empowering Women, Transforming Communities: AVAG's Loan Initiative

 In the picturesque and rustic rural landscapes of Auroville,Tamil Nadu, India, where women's lives are penned within the confines of financial constraints and societal norms, a captivating female centric movement has begun to blossom. Under the leadership of AVAG's director, Ms.


Transforming Banking for Women: A Collaborative Success Story

On the 27th of September, 2023, a collaborative effort between AVAG, a dedicated Bank Manager from India Bank,Vivek Maurya, and an official from the Block Development Office Mukya Sevika - Egalvalli came to fruition. This event served as a pivotal moment, offering a chance to bridge the banking disparities that women in the region have long endured through constructive dialogue and actionable change.


Breaking Barriers: AVAG's Women's Sports Competition Empowers Marginalized Women to Achieve Greatness

The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as the women's sports competition kicked off. These women, who come from marginalized backgrounds, were filled with excitement and pride as they prepared for the events ahead.