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Building a Volleyball Habit: A Story of Married Women and Unexpected Coaches

Several married women expressed a desire to learn volleyball and compete against other teams. We listened to their request and, leveraging our existing resources, launched a coaching program. Currently, a core group of roughly 12 women consistently attend training. The initial weeks were about establishing a foundation. Individual attention was a challenge due to varying schedules - some attended daily after work, while others joined on weekends.

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From Loan Sharks to Lady Bosses: AVAG Empowers Women Financially

We collaborate with communities to bring about social change and promote mutual assistance. In the last three months, we have linked 182 women from 17 women’s groups with the nationalised bank to get loans worth around Rs.11.1 million. All the women in the groups save an amount monthly and take loans from their internal savings whenever there is a financial need. 


Government Grants: Free Money for Those Who Don't Mind Asking (Nicely)


There's a quiet hum of entrepreneurial energy in our bio-region. Many individuals, both women and men, are working tirelessly on their business ventures. Yet a surprising number face a common hurdle: a lack of awareness or difficulty accessing government schemes designed to support them. That's where AVAG steps in, acting as a bridge between our entrepreneurial community and the resources they need to thrive.


Small Wins, Big Dreams: AVAG's Women's Day Inspires Inclusion


Imagine a scene bursting with vibrant energy, a gathering of over 500 women and 50 children, all united by a common goal. It wasn't a bustling marketplace, but AVAG's heartwarming International Women's Day celebration. This year's theme, "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress," struck a chord, and AVAG's initiative, "Inspire Inclusion," flourished into a remarkable event. 


Remembering 40 Years of AVAG: A Journey of Bioregional Development

Four decades ago, in the fertile soil of Auroville, a tiny seed was sown as a humble initiative with a grand vision: to empower communities in the Auroville bioregion for holistic development. From a handful of settlements, our reach now pulsates across 80 communities, touching the lives of over 5,000 women, 3,000 children, and 1,000 young individuals.