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“I have been a SHG member for the last 12 years. I have received a lot of knowledge and outside exposure. Whenever I participate in the Women’s Seminar at AVAG, I listen to the information given in the seminar and pass this message on to my club in the monthly meetings. I received loans from AVAG and used it for the educational expenses of my grandchildren. Members in my SHG use AVAG microfinance loans for the purpose of agriculture and business. Some members use them for house construction. AVAG provides loan on lower interest rate. SHG members are not borrowing money from money lenders. AVAG clears our problems and I am very happy to be a member of SHG under AVAG.”

D.Karpagam, 55 years old, Udhayam Pudhunilavu WSHG, Uppuvellore village

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