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Udhayam Women’s Federation

The formation of the Women’s Federation is an important step towards self-governance and empowerment of the Women’s Groups by transferring decision-making and administrative duties to the members themselves.

Formed in 2000 and registered under the Trust Act, the federation seeks to promote unity among its members, overcome the traditional barriers and strengthen the capabilities of women for the overall development of our working area.



  • Supporting the initiatives that bridge women of different backgrounds
  • Conducting projects for harmony and solidarity among women.
  • Imparting strength, knowledge, and confidence to negotiate with others for the benefit of society at large.


The Udhayam Women’s Federation is an umbrella of around 300 Women’s Groups and more than 5,000 members. The federation functions as an interface between AVAG and the individual women’s groups.

General body members are selected directly from the women’s groups to serve three years.

The executive committee consists of members are selected by the general body, and the executive committee selects the office bearers of the federation.

As of 2022, there are around 300 general body members, 35 executive committee members, and 9 office bearers.

The same integrated approach used is used for men’s groups, except for a few alterations tailored to fit the different roles of men in Tamil culture. It must be noted that these differences reflect the cultural realities that AVAG works within.


Udhayam Women’s Federation Pledge

As a member of Udhayam, I will be truthful, patient, and honest; I would be supportive to the development of Udhayam and the sisters at Udhayam; I would strive not only for my personal growth, but also for the group’s growth and pride; With interest for my village and social development, I would do my best for the function of my group; I would act with broad-mindedness, regardless of religion, caste, community and comfort; I would prepare myself to be an “instrument of social change”; I would work tirelessly and together; I would not indulge in any act to reduce the dignity of women; I recognise the support given by Udhayam and my group, therefore in any situation, I promise not to take any step to end my life.
Udhayam Women's Federation,