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Women’s Solidarity Festival

One of our biggest events is the Women’s Solidarity Festival is attended by more than 6000 people from the bioregion and Auroville to share a day together irrespective of their caste, class, or nationality, and to stand united in a celebration of the Female Spirit . Organised in  collaboration with the Udhayam Women’s Federation, this festival enables women to reveal their inner potentials, think beyond the boundaries, and be free from any social worries.


What We Do

The celebration lasts over a span of 3-4 days to showcase the women’s potential in sports, games, debating, singing, dancing, and much more. The last day is a joyous collective celebration of the Female Spirit for which traditional and elected leaders, government officers, and social activists are invited to participate and enjoy the atmosphere. Social activists speak about issues such as child sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and sexual abuse at the workplace, which are not normally discussed openly.

Women call this festival ”Our Festival,” and normally look forward to the next one as soon as the first one is over. Women cherish the memory of this festival forever.